Coticule Sharpening Set


This Coticule sharpening set is ideal for those who are looking for the ultra fine finish of a Coticle stone and also want the portability of a small stone.

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The Coticule Sharpening Set are natural whetstones mined in Belgium by the Ardennes company, who have been in business since 1865. These stones are approximately 480 million years old and are made from compressed volcanic ash and clay sediment layers.

You use the whetstones with water by rubbing the small whetstone against the larger whetstone to create a coarse milky slurry which is then used to sharpen a blunt knife or razor. By varying the amount of water in the slurry, you can vary the level of refinement provided by the stone, e.g., from a course sharpening stone through to a fine stone which will provide a true razor sharp edge. This eliminates the need to have multiple grades of synthetic stones; it is essentially an all-in-one sharpening stone system.

Coticule whetstones are rated at approximately 8000 grit when used with plain water and give a smooth shaving sharp edge to a straight razor. With a slurry they cut steel as fast as a 3-4000 grit sharpening stone.

Once your knife is razor sharp you can take the smaller stone with you fishing, hunting or camping and refresh your knife as required. You can purchase multiple small stones and leave one in each set of outdoor gear. Available here Belgian Coticule Size 1 Bout.

Straight razors can be refreshed when the first signs of edge deteriorating are felt. 20-100 passes across the stone will bring the edge back to sharp. For razors needing more than a touch up, or for those new to honing, we recommended using a 150×50 size Belgian Coticule Whetstone.

This Belgian Coticule Sharpening Set makes a great addition to your camping, hunting or fishing gear or for those after a top quality sharpening stone system.

Stone Size: Large approximately 130mm Small approximately 80mm

Thickness: 16mm – 22mm

Backing: Slate (no sharpening properties)

Grade: Select

The surface of the standard grade Coticule contains colour variations and also black lines and/or specks. Miniscule hairline cracks can occur in the stratification of the Coticule, visible along the edge of the whetstone. Imperfections are the norm with this grade of stone. The sharpening properties are unaffected by these factors.

Being a natural stone there are variations in colour, texture and sharpening properties. No two are exactly the same. Let us know what you plan on using this set for and we will hand pick a set for you.

Coticule whetstone consists of 30 to 42% garnet crystals bonded together with mica. These garnets give Coticule whetstone its exceptional sharpening properties and make it the worlds best natural knife sharpener. The garnets are a dodecahedron shape which has twelve surfaces with obtuse angles. The garnets have a diameter of 5 to 15 microns and penetrate 1 to 3 microns deep into metal. This perfect geometric shape for sharpening (obtuse angles polish the metal) and the large numbers of these garnets ensure that the blade is sharpened both very quickly and extremely finely. It takes only a few minutes for the garnets to do their work resulting in a razor sharp knife edge from a Coticule whetstone, the perfect knife sharpener.

Handmade by Ardennes of Belgium.



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