Wild Steer Tech4 XL Review

By Scott Trail, Shooting Systems Research New Zealand.

Wildsteer Tech4 XL

The Wild Steer Tech4 XL knife is a tactical style knife designed to be worn around the neck, or ankle, or chest, or just about anywhere. Similar in style to their other knives, the Tech4 XL stainless steel blade is slightly longer and narrower, and finished in a black Teflon type coating. It features the same index finger cut out just behind the cutting edge to aid control, and thumb serrations on the back edge.

Wildsteer Tech4 XL

A single piece of stainless steel makes up the blade and handle, with the handle tightly wrapped in para-cord. A small flint striking surface has been ground into the back of the blade for fire starting. The Tech4 XL is supplied in a black synthetic sheath, giving you multiple mounting options. Once again, the blade is wickedly sharp out of the box.

Wild Steer Tech4 XL

Review by Scott Trail, Weapons Engineer http://www.ssrnz.com

Scott Trail is one of the leading rifle manufacturers and gunsmiths in New Zealand. He designs and manufactures his own lightweight rifle platform from the ground up, in his purpose built work shop in Featherstone. Pictured below is his lightweight .50BMG rifle.



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